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Step into the cozy dining room of Scappanapoli, and you immediately feel at ease, as the walls are painted in warm tones, comfy cushions adorn the chairs, and magazines and newspapers rest on nearly every table. Grab a seat at one of the wooden tables under black and white photographs of famous Italian actors, and peruse the extensive menu, which features traditional Italian dishes that you won’t find in other run-of-the-mill Italian places in Ubud. Got questions? Not to fear—Napoli-born owner Piero and his wife Enung are always on hand to assist or simply engage you in warm and welcoming conversation.


The food at Scappanapoli has its roots in Southern Italian cuisine, so the menu features plenty of handmade pastas, wood-fired pizzas and vibrant dishes with fresh seafood, herbs and vegetables. Start your meal with the light Insalata di Polpo for tender chunks of octopus marinated in olive oil, lemon, parsley and garlic, or sample the Crocchete di Patate, which are crispy and golden on the outside and smooth and creamy with potato, mozzarella and ham on the inside. Once your appetite has been whetted, move on to the Gnocchi a’la Spaccanapoli with bacon, mushroom, zucchini, basil and cream, or the Penne e’ Siciliana with fried eggplant, house made tomato sauce and fresh basil.


All of the dishes at Scappanapoli are bursting with flavor, however, their true strength lies in the pizzas, which are made from scratch with fresh ingredients and cooked in an authentic wood-fired pizza oven. Favorites include the Vesuvius with tomato sauce, mozzarella, olives, pepperoni, Napoli chili oil and basil, or the Positano with a white base, mozzarella, provolone, rocket, shaved parmigiano and olive oil. Craving authentic Italian but don’t want to go out? Lucky for you, they do delivery too.

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Pizza Party (FREE) & Live Music

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Pizza Party (FREE) & Live Music


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Pizza Show & Free pizza test like routine only at spaccanapoli you got gratis

join us and bring your friends.

Free Pizza Taste , is a routine just at Spaccanapoli di Ubud...join us and try our Pizza gratis. SATURDAY 4 OCTOBE AT 6 PM TO 10 PM

Resep Chef Noer

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Linguine alla Noer


1. 250 gr Linguine/fettucine pasta

2. 200 gr cumi(bersihkan & potong kecil)

3. 100 gr kol merah(iris tipis)

4. 150 gr udang besar (kupas kulit, biarkan kepala & ekornya)

5. 2 sdt olive oil / minyak zaitun

6. Tomato cherry

7. 3 siung bawang putih, cincang

8. garam secukupnya

9. 2 batang seledri,iris kecil

Cara membuat

1.Siapkan panci besar untuk merebus pasta, isi air secukupnya. masak hingga mendidih

2.Siapkan wajan dengan minyak zaitun,panaskan dengan api sedang. Masukkan bawang putih, tumis hingga warna keemasan.

3.Masukkan cumi, kol merah tumis hingga layu.

4.Lalu masukkan udang, garam, merica (bila suka), beri sedikit air, masak hingga udang berubah warna.Tutup wajan dan matikan api.

5.Masukkan pasta Linguine/Fettucine dalam panci, aduk dengan garpu besar(agar pasta tidak lengket) masak kurang lebih 6 menit/

sesuai selera.

6.Nyalakan kompor wajan berisi saos dengan api besar, potong tomat jadi 2 bagian dan seledri,masukkan dalam wajan.

7.Angkat pasta, lalu masukkan dalam wajan.Aduk, angkat segera.Sajikan dalam piring. (untuk 3 porsi)

TODAY!!!Free Home Made Pasta Party wed 12 march

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TODAY!!!Free Home Made Pasta Party wed 12 march

Free Pizza Party at Spaccanapoli Ubud

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Free Pizza Party at Spaccanapoli Ubud

Is a routine party at Spaccanapoli Ubud (italian restaurant) free pizza party for our friends and for everyone not yet try our authentic neapolitan pizza.... the only one in ubud with real fresh mozzarella not imitation here. we serve you always best products for your healthy, because we like take care of you.


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FRIDAY 31 JANUARY ...DONT MISS IT....COME AND TRY OUR PIZZA AND HOME MADE PASTA...we like you try it free before coming again ....

Free pizza and home made pasta taste at spaccanapoli restaurant & pizzeria


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