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Spaccanapoli di Ubud

Ristorante Spaccanapoli di Ubud (italian restaurant) is a traditional italian restaurant located at ubud, the city of the arts in bali.

We specialize in Southern Italian cuisine, but are known for cooking for the pleasure of our clientele.

Piero & Enung are always on duty in making sure that this restaurant provides the best in personalized cuisine, service, and cleanliness.

We strive everyday to make Italian dining fun and exciting, so whether you are in the mood for lunch, dinner, take out, business or personal dining, we will enliven your senses and broaden your perception of high quality Italian food.

Our dishes are prepared fresh daily utilizing our own herbs and fresh vegetables direct from the farm's. we are specialized in vegetarian cuisine and indosundanese to, wich have a large branch of vegan choice to.

Spaccanapoli di Ubud, jalan pengosekan 108, ubud, bali, 80571, indonesia
jalan pengosekan 108
ubud bali 80571 indonesia

Hours of operation:
11,30 am- 11,30 pm

hp +6287861361823
hp +6282237786042
HP. +6281237614638

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